Sa-Ngag Choe Zong

In about mid of sixteenth century, Tharig Monastery was first established by the highly realized master, Tharig Drupchen. Throughout her history, the Monastery was supervised by three Care-taker Rinpoches of Tharig Monastery namely Tulku Yonten, Tharig Tulku Rinpoche and Tsetsam Rinpoche in rotation in the physical absence of other two. The Monastery suffered some damages during the Cultural Revolution in 1960s and by the earth quake that shook the region in 2003. However, with the change of policy in China, the monks and laity devotees were able to rebuild the Monastery under spiritual guidance and financial assistance of the sixth Tharig Tulku, Jamyang Damchoe Nyima Rinpoche. Now, the Monastery is under the management of Khenpo Menlha, Khenpo Paksam, Lama Kunga Tsultrim, Khenpo Ngawang Sonam and others.