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Puja Schedule

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Tsechen shedup Ling

A brief account of Sangha Community who engage in the spiritual task of practicing Dharma activities day and night as Venerable Tharig Rinpoche established the Tharig Monastery for the sake of sentient beings.

Daily Activities:

  1. After getting fresh, having washed face and teeth at 5 pm, monks gather together in the Shrine Hall to join in the Morning Puja Session, where supplication prayers of Buddhas and Boddhisatvas are chanted, followed by Tara ritual for the duration of 2 hours.
  2. From 8 am in the morning, the younger monks keep themselves busy, undertaking self study while elder ones engage in performing Pujas on request by benefactors. In their leisure, they involve in performing their daily Sadhanas along with practices on Hearing, contemplation and meditation.
  3. All the senior monks of the monastery, who are not committed in performing Family Pujas on request, perform regular Mahakala Puja beginning at 3.0pm thru 5.0pm.

The Major Activities of the Month:

  1. A Grand Mahakala Puja is performed on the four Holy Days of Mahakala viz, 8, 14, 23 and 29th of Tibetan Lunar Calendar.
  2. A Grand Vajra-Yogini Ghanachakra Puja on the two holy days of Vajrayogini viz, 10th and 25th of Tibetan Lunar Calendar.
  3. On 15th and 30th of Tibetan Lunar Calendar, grand Pujas known as A Group Of The Collected Sets of Thousand Offerings on Ushnishya-Vijaya and various other Pujas dedicated for dispelling obstacles and prolonging life span of the benefactors are performed.

The Annual Pujas

The Specially Propitiated Annual Pujas:

  1. A complete recitation of Buddha's Canon (Kagyur)
    In the first month of the lunar calendar.
  2. One billion set of mantra recitation of Om Mani Padem Hung.
    In the second month of the lunar calendar.
  3. A Grand Puja on Vairochana (Kunrig).
    Starting on 19th of the third month of the lunar calendar.
  4. A Grand Puja on He-Vajra.
    Starting from 23d of the fourth month of the lunar calendar.
  5. One and half months of Summer Retreat (Varsika).
    Starting on 15th of sixth month of the lunar calendar.
  6. A Grand Puja on Wrathful Guru Rinpoche.
    Starting on 23d of eighth month of the lunar calendar.
  7. The Special Pre-Losar Puja performed for seven days for warding off the imminent obstacles.
    Starting on 23d of Twelfth month of the lunar calendar.

All the Grand Pujas are performed for the period of as long as seven days.

Varsika (Summer Retreat)

Summer Retreat is held during rainy season. During the Summer Retreat, one and half months Varsika Puja, monks are not allowed to go out of the monastery; not allowed to consume meat; not allowed to eat evening meal and primarily engage in to the practice of Hearing, Contemplation and Meditation.