Daily Routine

The daily life of novices and senior monks starts with getting up from their bed at 5 am in early morning where they are assembled at the shrine hall to perform the prayers of Buddha and lineage maters. Subsequently, Tara puja is performed to benefit all sentient beings and for the world peace. Monks engaged in daily Puja to accomplish their task in benefiting others and to fulfill the kind thought of the devoted sponsors. Breakfast is served at 9am and at 9.30am - monk students will attend their regular classes. On the other hand, the senior monks will continue their religious activities. Each year, on auspicious days, a daylong Grand Pujas are performed by all monks. After having done the religious chanting and recitation; the monks get two hours of lunch break from 12pm to 2pm.Classes resumes at 2pm and go through until 5 pm. After having gone through the daily informal classes, the monks are to engage in practicing debate in Buddhist philosophy from 5pm to 6pm.

After the dinner-time at 6pm, students take a short break and thereafter prepare for self study.

At 9pm, the novices go to their dorms and elder monks retire from their exhausted day in their austere cells for a good-night sleep.