Sakya Tharig Monastery School

Sakya Tharig monastery school was established by the H.E. the 6th Tharig Rinpoche Jamyang Dhamchoe Nyima. It has been running successfully thereafter, under his dynamic guidance for a period of a decade. In this monastery, studies are mainly based on rituals and Dharma subjects along with modern education which is immensely important in this modern age. The modern subjects taught such as: English, Nepali, Math, Computer and Chinese etc. The school emphasize on the individual student's development of skill and capability in building a conducive environment. Currently, we have just five divisions of classes which are A, B, C, D, and E where class 'A' is the lowest level or beginners and the senior most Class 'E' is equivalent to class nine in secondary education system. There are monthly test in each month and we hold two semesters with half yearly and annual examination.

Moreover, throughout the year, there are extracurricular competitions performed among the three houses of the school. The four houses are named after the four colors, namely yellow house, blue house and green house. The competitions include elocution, debate, quiz, dictation, handwriting competition etc. The school's main base of discipline is purely focused on the Vinaya rules. The school is managed in accordance with the suitability and convenience that is demanded by 21st century.

This school's main purpose and aim is to develop the ambition and qualification of each student, and upgrade them to higher standard and make them useful citizens of nation.

We have the resource and thereby having intention to provide education up to the class XI here in this school. After that according to their interest, the students will have opportunity for further studies in universities or Buddhist dialectic schools.