Rules & Regulation

Rules and the disagreeable conducts to abstain

Students should abide by the following rules concerning rejection and acceptance

  1. Monks are not permitted to violate the five main percepts
  2. Students are requested not to spit mucous and throw garbage in the school compound.
  3. Students who vulnerable to bad influences will be watched and warned by School Administrators.
  4. Students are not permitted to visit your parents, cousin and relatives during the class.
  5. Students are required to speak in the language according to the subjects in the classes.
  6. Students are not permitted to keep valuable things in their possession.
  7. Students are not permitted to go outside the school compound.
  8. Students are not allowed to go outside other than their holidays.
  9. Students should not make noise during lunch and dinner.
  10. Students are not allowed to enter senior monks' room and office without permission.
  11. Students are not allowed to take any kind of grubs or edible things and fancy bags in the class rooms.
  12. Students are not allowed to take valuable things and cell phone in the classes.
  13. Students are not allowed to play in monastery premises.
  14. Students are not permitted to go in other's room and keep outdoor people in the hostel after 8.30 pm.
  15. Students are not permitted to wear desired clothes during holidays and you should wear your proper Dharma robes at your outings.
  16. No leave during Puja session unless you are sick.
  17. Students must attend the morning Puja to perform (Kar Chab Shi ritual) without any procrastination.
  18. During holidays or on any given special occasion, students have an access for entertainment and exception to watch television programs.
  19. After completion of successive two periods, students are allowed to go to the rest-room.

Rules to observe

  1. Pupils who are flunked in examination are not permitted to visit their home.
  2. School prefects and monitors should take care of the property of Monastery.
  3. Students are advised to take guidance from the school administrators.
  4. Students must report Monastery by 7:30 pm after the holiday.
  5. Senior students should take care of the novice monks.
  6. Students are highly expected to keep the monastery and its surroundings clean and uncontaminated.
  7. Students must go to their beds by 9:30 pm.
  8. Living under one roof harmoniously, behaving extremely well and interacting cordially with one another are highly praised and exalted.
  9. Students must take the class on time unless they are sick and bed-ridden. In such cases, application for the leave is essential.