6th Tharig Rinpoche

His Eminence Tharig Tulku Rinpoche who was reputed as a prominent figure among his disciples scattered all over the world until his Pari-nirvana in 1998 in Singapore, is holding the unbroken lineage of Naga-rakchita (Khon Lui Wangpo Sungwa) direct disciple of Guru Padsambhava and Shantarakchita, one of the first seven monks in probation during the time of King Trisong Deutsen in the beginning of 7th century. Thus, it is believed that the present Tharig tulku Rinpoche is the direct descendent of Naga-rakchita.

Until the first Tharig Tulku Rinpoche who built monastery in Kham, Rinpoche's predecessors took birth as numerous highly realized adepts such as; Yogini Senge Labdronma; Palgoe shallu, a brave warrior minister in the court of Ling Gesar; Rigpae Trinlay, a disciple of Sakya Pandita; Palji Dhey, king of Shambala protector for 9,600 million cities of Shambala; Jetsun Dingmawa, a disciple of Tsarchen Losal Gyatso; Tharig Drupchen (the great siddha of Tharig region) who was reputed to having power of reviving corpses into live and discovering Hidden Text of 9 faced Guru Drakpo.

After the Tharig Monastery came into being, Rinpoche manifested seven times as doctrine holders in Sakya tradition. All the previous Tharig Tulkus were highly accomplished masters and have played an important role in the propagation of Buddha Dharma in Tibet.

The life long ecclesiastical contribution of the seventh Tharig Rinpoche, who was born into the aristocrat family known as Bharma Pontsang, had made him a prominent Lama of Sakya tradition of this era. At one stage, after fleeing from Tibet, Rinpoche with some monks was camping under a tree near Budhanath stupa. There he was called upon by a stranger who offered him an image which once belonged to his predecessor. This man never came to any one's sight later. On the same day, warm water in Rinpoche's cup turned into milk which can be seen by all presented there at that time. These incidents inspired Rinpoche to build a monastery nearby. Since this time Rinpoche had never looked back but continued the task of building inner and outer shrines such as, monastery, stupa, images, publication of scriptures, retreat center etc. Visiting almost every year South-east Asian countries such as, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Cambodia Rinpoche had played a vital role in keeping the lamp of Buddha Dharma glowing.

Since his parinirvana in 1997, we have left no stone unturned, in effort to find his reincarnation, under a lucid and authentic guidance of H.H. Sakya Trizin. Let us pray together that Rinpoche's reincarnation would appear soon and continue his legacy.


After the parinirvana of Tharig Tulku Rinpoche, the vital task of undertaking the administrative oworks of Tharig monastery fell into the hands ofof the senior monks of the monastery.

Perior to this all internal and external affairs of the monastery were in the hands of one man, no other than Tharig Rinpoche himself.In those days everything was easy for the monks. All they had to do was to take relevent steps in accordance with Rinpoche's able and farsighted guardians.

Those were good days when monastery had access to benefactors who were instrumental in keeping alive the strategy outlined by Rinpoche in order to preserve and promote Buddha-dharma in general, and Sakya tradition in particular.

Unfortunately, now Rinpoche is not among us. Therefore, the most crucial responsibility lies on our shoulders-to keep the legacy left by Rinpoche when he was alive. In this regard, the main task lying ahead of us is to make the monastery a self-reliant body. The generous sponsors have always been very kind to us. Nevertheless, it isn't practical to be fully dependable sponsors all the time. Therefore in order to depart from this trend, the Sangha members of Tharig monastery have resolved with full commitment to be self supporting. In order to do so, the executive members of the monastery reached to a unanimous decision to have a guest house constructed on top of the existing ground floor, which currently consist of restaurants and tea-stalls within the compound of the monastery. Therefore the income received from the guest house would provide an alternative source of support to the monastery.

The building and the abstract of estimate cost for the guest house is herewith attached for your information. Let us work to fulfill the altruistic wish and prayers of H.E. Tharig Tulku Rinpoche. Without your assistance this task of ours will not be materialized.

We can't afford to delay the undertaking. It is very important for the overall welfare of the monastery that the works are completed as soon as possible, also in order to facilitate prolonging the life of the Buddha's doctrine.

Your contribution can reach us at the above address.

Contributions can be accepted in several forms, including as a general donation, or towards a specific items of your choice such as ; an individual room (as shown in one of the affixed pages).

We all look forward to a swift and successful completion of the construction of the guest house.