Tharig Rinpoche

6th Tharig Rinpoche

His Eminence Tharig Tulku Rinpoche who was reputed as a prominent figure among his disciples scattered all over the world until his Pari-nirvana in 1998 in Singapore, is holding the unbroken lineage of Naga-rakchita (Khon Lui Wangpo Sungwa) direct disciple of Guru Padsambhava and Shantarakchita, one of the first seven monks in probation during the time of King Trisong Deutsen in the beginning of 7th century. Thus, it is believed that the present Tharig tulku Rinpoche is the direct descendent of Naga-rakchita.

Until the first Tharig Tulku Rinpoche who built monastery in Kham, Rinpoche's predecessors took birth as numerous highly realized adepts such as; Yogini Senge Labdronma; Palgoe shallu, a brave warrior minister in the court of Ling Gesar; Rigpae Trinlay, a disciple of Sakya Pandita; Palji Dhey, king of Shambala protector for 9,600 million cities of Shambala; Jetsun Dingmawa, a disciple of Tsarchen Losal Gyatso; Tharig Drupchen (the great siddha of Tharig region) who was reputed to having power of reviving corpses into live and discovering Hidden Text of 9 faced Guru Drakpo.

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7th Tharig Rinpoche

Jamyang Kunga Trinlay Palbar is reincarnation of the sixth Tharig Rinpoche Jamyang Dhamchoe Nyima. The former Tharig Rinpoche entered into Parinirvana in 1998 during his South Asian Dharma tour in Singapore. After two years, His Holiness, the Sakya Trizin, Supreme Head of Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism recognized the child born to the Tibetan family residing in Bir Tibetan settlement, somewhat 50 Kilometers from Dharamsala, home of Dalai Lama and exile Tibetan Government, as reincarnation of the former Tharig Rinpoche. His childhood name was Tashi Tobgyal/Ngawang Choeying given respectively by H. H. Minling Trichen Rinpoche and His Holiness Sakya Trizin.

Ngawang Choeying is the youngest child and second son of his parent, Thupten Karga and Tenzin Yeshi.

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